Part time learning

Personal Training qualification part time


Applicable courses: Level 2 Gym Instructor, Level 3 Personal Trainer, Circuits, Indoor Group Cycling, 1st Aid.
​Course delivery: 1-2-1 in gym, face to face lectures, home study and e-Learning.
Location: Head Training Facility, Clitheroe (30 minutes from Manchester). 

Benefits: Class time at weekends, flexible learning, small class sizes, qualified in 3 months with six weekend workshops.  

Here you will have an active Personal Trainer leading the course who will go through the course step-by-step in a logical manner. The day will begin at 9am and finish at 5pm. The weekends are blended between the theory and practical elements so you get the full package. This is a great way to learn as the tutor will go through lecture slides and talk around the course material in great depth. If you need that little extra push and attention to detail in the classroom environment then this is the option for you. The tutor users an array of teaching methods so do not worry if you have not been in the class room for a while!

The workshops will be held in six weekends so you will be qualified in 12 weeks!

You will be expected to read a lot of the course material but do not worry as we cover it again in our innovative lecture slides and group discussions.


What to expect on the Part-Time Course

Study at our unique Training Facility 

Our training facility based in Clitheroe (just 30 minutes from Manchester) featuring a fully equipped gymnasium and classroom facilities help to deliver both practical and theory elements of the course. These are small group sizes  (10 maximum) so you can learn more and ask more questions. Free parking is also available. 


Highly Qualified Tutors

All of our tutors are qualified PT’s, that’s the least you can expect! At the training facility you have tutors that have Masters Degrees in Sport Science. Here they share their experiences and knowledge not just in Personal Training but also from the London Olympics, Glasgow Common Wealth games and other sporting professional settings. You will recieve lots of handouts that is seperate to the course that will really aid your learning experience. 


Course Material

Here you have ample learning aids such as video analysis of exercise technique, manuals, sport science journals, joints of the human anatomy, fitness testing apparatus, skeletons, power points, flip charts and like-minded fellow students to aid the learning experience.

Learning Environment:
We do not take any more than 10 students at a time. You will learn so much more in a class of 10 than in a class of 30 students. This gives the tutors the opportunity to iron out any bad habits you may have and give you the attention you deserve. 

On-going support:
After completion of the course you will have access to up-to-date sport science journals in your area of interest be it conditioning for specific sports, optimal nutritional strategies or even increasing metabolism for weight loss, our data base is very large.

This is a very unique system in which only the sport science academics of the world have access to… and so do you. We have enormous pride in our student’s progression as we strive to train the very best in the industry.

So if you are serious about being a health professional get in touch today and contact us!