Our Tutors

Our Personal Training tutors

Our tutors work incredibly hard to make sure you get the most out of your learning experience, to set you on the road to becoming the best Personal Trainer you can be. 

Meet The Personal Training Group's tutors and find out why, in addition to coaching the next generation of Personal Trainers, they love being a Personal Trainer themselves!


Garth Spencer BSc, (Hons). MSc

Garth is the Managing Director of The Personal Training Group and is the head tutor of the majority of the courses that run here. He has been a qualified strength and conditioner since 2007 and has worked with a number of high profile Rugby clubs. He also practises what he preachers and personal trains people on a 1-2-1 basis as well as running a successful Boot Camp in Clitheroe. 

Garth's main reason for starting The Personal Training Group was that he recognised that when working for one of the main training providers was that there lacked a quality of assurance and that it was too easy to get qualifed. 

"Personal Training is a great industry to be in right now!" "If you work hard, know how to communicate with people and are driven, then you are going to do VERY well with our support and tuition".  


Antony Teasdale BSc (Hons): Rochdale

The best thing for me being a Personal Trainer is that you work with such of a wide variety of people. One hour you are with someone training for muscle building and then next you are taking really good care of an elderly client!

I became a Personal Trainer as I have a great passion for exercise and health as I like to keep myself in peak physical condition as I swim at a competitive level.


Steve Gud BSc (Hons) MSc: Manchester

Personal training is great as you can choose your working hours once you have your client base set. Since I do a lot of Rugby coaching within my community it also gives me the flexibility between work and play!

I wanted to aid my knowledge in programming exercise for sporting performance and quickly found out you can tailor this towards the average Joes Blogs as well. I love to socialise and thought I may as well get paid for it as well!

Hobbies include playing Rugby at a high level, sharing knowledge with fellow Personal trainers at Pro-Fit and spending time with loved ones.


Rachel BSc (Hons): Leeds

You meet so many great people along the way in personal training. At the start of your career it can be slow but if you learn with me I can share all of the successes that I've had. For me if you really focus and care about your clients and willing to improve all of the time - you will do really well. 


Lee Hardy BSc (Hons): Sheffield

I'm married with children and this career allows me to be flexible with work and family. I have clients that have trained with me for over 3 years suceeding in many different events along the way!

The 1-2-1 study method in personal training has developed some great trainers here in Sheffield. A truly unique experience. 


Finn BSc (Hons): Newcastle

I work in two differnet gyms in Newcastle and love what I do for a living. If you enjoy the gym environment I would seriously consider this as a career. 

I train a variety of clients from all walks of life and you can have some very interesting conversations!