CPD Courses

TPTG CPD courses

As a fitness professional it's important to regularly update and enhance your skills to provide variety for both you and your clients.

At The Personal Training Group we offer a variety of CPD courses to keep you on top of your game. All you need to access these courses is a Level 2 Gym instructor qualification or above.


This is a great way of earning extra income and generating new leads for an existing Personal Training business. You'll learn how to plan, bike fit and deliver an exercise class on a stationary bike to a group of people in time with music of your choice. There will be a selection of moves that you will have to demonstrate and utilise to the rest of the group and master the techniques.


Circuit Training

Circuit training is an essential weapon for the armoury of any accomplished personal trainer. 

We'll show you how to structure effective and enjoyable sessions for both individuals and groups. By learning how to effectively utilise the space, equipment and time available, you'll be able to design circuit sessions for strength, power, endurance or sport specific goals. 


Kettlebell Training

Kettlebell training is a very popular class with people as well as 1-2-1 training with clients. When performed correctly this is a great way of showing off your skills in the gym or in your private fitness studio. This really utilises the triple extension in the ankle, knee and hip. This can be a great way of teaching clients the ealry movements of olympic weight lifting techniques. 

With loads of different exercises available it would be mad not to have this qualification under your belt!


Suspension Training

This is an innovative piece of kit to say the least! Walk away from the fixed weight machines and introduce your clients to this! If you want your clients to work all of their kinetic chain this will be a great way of doing it. The adjustments available allows all levels of ability to use it. Over weight, disabled or even pregant woman won't have too many issues using this.

Again this is fantastic on a 1-2-1 basis or in a small group class size.