Why More Men are Taking to Pilates

More men than ever are now taking part in Pilates classes and are really feeling the benefits of it. Here you take your body through a set of exercises in a controlled manner and the instructor gets pretty hands on correcting your technique.

In the past it has been seen to be quite a feminine thing to do, but even the likes of the England Rugby Union team take part once a week now! Here at The Personal Training Group we also love it. So what’s the big deal about it all? There are loads of benefits when done properly:


Increasing core strength

If your core is weak then the likelihood of your posture will be affected as well. Our core really is the powerhouse of the human body. Without a sufficient core is like building your house on sand and hoping everything will stay in place. Pilates homes in on your transversus abdominis and pelvic floor muscle and many others.


Boosting Flexibility

This goes through the roof even after a few weeks of slowly progressing your range of movement. Having great joint mobility can help everyone. Athletes, office workers and people that are on their feet all day can all benefit from Pilates. Our muscles are the fastest adaptive tissue the human has to offer so expect change! I’ve personally experience low back issues and Pilates has strengthened and lengthened the muscle tissue.


Lymphatic Drainage

What!? This is vital for our immune system which involves lots of lymphatic vessels that help carry and transport lymph fluid. Lymph is similar to blood plasma as it has lymphocytes and other white blood cells. It also contains waste products and debris of cells together with bacteria and protein. Basically it helps flush unwanted tissue in the human body and can re-cycle a lot of it as well. Circulation is vital to healthy living. Pilates encourages the whole lymphatic drainage system.



You don’t need to be stressed to attend a Pilates class however it does help. Taking your mind elsewhere for an hour can really reset your cognitive function. It can get stressful in today’s way of life and many attend purely for the healthy mind set. Feeling more relaxed is one thing but it has a massive positive effect on the balance of your hormones as well.  Serotonin goes up (feel good hormone), cortisol is lowered (easier to burn fat) and many more.

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