Why blogs can get you clients

Here at The Personal Training Group we make sure our students on our courses know their stuff when becoming a personal trainer. Many start-ups and well established businesses are finding that advertising and marketing has evolved throughout the years. The days of a newspaper advert and using the Yellow Pages are a thing of the past! Digital marketing has blown up into the stratosphere! There are loads of reasons to start a blog and here are some quick fire tips to get you started and how to come up with awesome content and turn readers into clients:


Keep it current

Write about something that is current and fresh in people's minds, something that they can relate too (this is also awesome for your website and will have a great effect on Google SEO) e.g. Start a topic that may be a struggle to them and you have the solution. Find their pain and follow it by your solution. “Struggling to talk to people on the gym floor? Try these simple strategies to get started”. Talk to your target market. Read some other blogs and get a feel for it!


Engage them

Writing a blog should engage the reader and should start to build trust. Many businesses go for this strategy where you get potential clients to “know, like and trust you”. Avoid selling all of the time. I don’t know about you but I run a mile as soon as someone starts selling to me when I don’t have any connection with them. Build bridges first. If they want to buy they will let you know. When they ask questions, they are interested.


Be real with people

Be as informal as you can. Write as you would talk to a group of friends about a certain topic. Use language that is easy to understand so you are addressing the masses and not a small population group. Show off your quirky personality a bit!


Get an emailing list

Build an emailing list from your blogs. Give people the chance to “share” and “like” your blog so others can read it. If they like it they may sign up to your weekly emails. Take a look at "Mail Chimp" to get you started.


Call to action

Have a section at the end of your blog telling people exactly how to go forward with your services/products. Make it very easy for them. Give them an incentive to take action.


Get proactive

Scheduling your blogs (use Hootsuite) is way easier than randomly sending out content. What time of day do your potential clients have time to read your content? You defiantly need to analyse this data and work this one out –if you have a business facebook page check out your "insight section" for this. Obviously 6am on a Sunday for PT clients may be way out! Google analytics is another great one.

Spend time with this and enjoy it! Be sure to schedule some time in your busy diary to actually do this. Take action. Get organised. Get it done. Be the person in your area that is the “expert” and knows their stuff! If you found this useful get that index finger out and press like or share on our facebook page!

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