Is The Whole Body Vibration Plate Effective For Fat Loss?

For years the vibration plate has been marketed as an effective weight loss machine by its manufacturers and none the wiser gym instructors who don't do their reading before bed. .

The good news is that the sport science geeks of the world have come together and have conducted study after study and have found some common ground at last!

The manufactures will tell you that you simply expose an area of your body on this miniature earthquake device and jackpot! You’ve lost some body fat my dear! Too good to be true or is there some evidence behind these claims?

We’ve had our heads in the journals (not magazines or internet forums) and have found some interesting results! 

When we expose ourselves on these vibration plates it activates something called our “central sympathetic nervous system” which in turn stimulates a form of fat into our blood streams and then can be used for energy. Therefore burning fat – right?

The amount of fat is so small it isn't worth mentioning.

HOWEVER! Only in some people!

A lot of the studies out there have always combined it with aerobic exercise and/or a low calorie diet. So was it the vibration plate, diet, exercise, or all 3 of them that caused the weight loss?

The research is VERY flimsy to say the least in regards to fat loss.

Vibration plates DO have their place in the gym though! Gyms, health clubs and manufactures are missing some serious tricks with this shaking piece of kit!

Vibration plates can make muscles less tense and can aid the recovery process. Studies have shown that they can boost strength while performing body weight exercises on them, they can also increase bone mineral density and aid back pain when supervised by a professional.

They do have some serious dangers as well. Avoid very high frequencies as this can cause disc displacement in the spine in certain positions. Do not spend over 5 minutes using one at a time and expose different body parts to avoid overuse of an area. Some personal trainers will spend a whole 30 minute session with their clients on one of them. Why?

Long term exposure can have damaging effects on one’s health and joints causing osteoarthritis.  Strong vibrations through the head have reported hearing loss and visual impairment as well. Not cool guys. 

The scientists recommend a low level frequency with minimal exposure. If your head feels like it’s been shaken a billion times per second you are not doing it right.

All said and done keep your head as far away from the vibrations as possible and it may be best just to vibrate the legs as there is ample muscle to take the vibrations. 


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