What’s it like being a Personal Trainer?

Every PT will give you a different answer I’m sure of it. The thing is there are a lot of people getting qualified in PT courses now, however, please do not let that put you off. There are 1000’s of electricians out there but not all of them are up to an excellent standard are they? It’s the same in the fitness industry. Over the years we have noticed some common traits in the most successful PT’s. Here are some of them:

  • They do their research in which company they get qualified with. Click here for ours.
  • They get well over the pass mark (70%) in their exams and achieve around 85% or over.
  • They actively build their business  - click here for business growth ideas. 
  • They listen to new ideas and open to constructive criticism.

Being a PT for us is truly awesome! The reason we feel this way is that we like to think we get things right. In a nut shell if you have the following in place you are half way there:

  • A great training facility (no excessive rent every month).
  • A mentor (someone to turn too when you come to new challenges).
  • A brilliant business model and knowing when to adapt it.

The days can sometimes be long but it is not forever. You need to work out whether you are a morning person or a night owl! Don’t really want to be doing both as you will burn out. The people you meet are truly fantastic and can become lifelong friends. How much you get paid is really down to you. You may just settle for 1-2-1 PT with people, however, there are other avenues to pursue if you choose to do so like online PT, group PT or even set up your own training facility and manage the business side of things.  

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