Weight Management, Hormones and Food.

The media are gradually getting to grips that the 3 players below have a massive role in someone’s metabolism. Doctors are aware that a calorie is merely not just a calorie anymore and the science behind where that calorie comes from can dictate weight management and even type 2 diabetes.

There are loads of hormones but the 3 we will focus on will be:





The acronym we want you to remember is ICE for these. Control and manage these 3 hormones effectively and expect to see a balance in your weight management. So how do we do that?


Insulin – Eat non-starchy carbohydrate (veggies) and avoid the fast releasing sugary foods (bread, pasta, rice, sweets, fizzy and cordial drinks).

Cortisol – Get a great nights sleep, avoid stimulants, try and keep emotionally stress free, and don’t over train.

Estrogen – Avoid processed foods, minimise on makeup (yup that’s right foundation etc) and again avoid processed sugars.


Hormones are pretty slow to respond to such changes (2-3 months). It took time to get there so it’s going to take time to reset them as well.


It can be easier to focus on the following as well:

•Eat Real Food – it grew from the ground, it walked on grassland or swam in the sea. Take a look at how some of our trainers eat.

•Drink Loads of Water – around 33ml x your body weight in kilograms.

•Move Your Body – walk, run, swim, lift, do what you enjoy the most.


To put into context, if you have a basal metabolic rate of 2,500 Kcal and you consumed that (energy needed to keep you ticking), and if you wanted to maintain body weight, you would need to burn off the same amount (the energy balance equation).

So technically speaking, if you were to eat 2,500 Kcal of chocolate and burn the same off you would stay the same weight. Obviously this is B*&L$hit and your Insulin levels would sky rocket into next week and turn you into a fat storing factory in no time. 

Instead find the calories from your veggies, some fruits, meats, nuts, pulses and fish to name a few. And make sure the quality is the best that you can afford. Click here for some ideas!

Eat, sleep and train well. 


Garth Spencer