Personal Training made easy

The Life of a Personal Trainer

There are lots of successful personal trainers out there working their socks off and financially getting rewarded for it. Every personal trainer you meet will have a slightly different approach to their day-to-day activities. Some like to batch their clients either in the morning, afternoon or evening so the days are not always long. Others have clients scattered all over the day and can become tiresome. Here are my top tips in making life easier for yourself when personal training:

  1. You recommend that clients prep their food then so should you! Personal training back to back can be very mentally challenging IF you don’t prep well for it! Be sure that you schedule time in your diary for good quality feeding and down time. Imagine training 4 people one after the other with no break. I’ve even seen some personal trainers take high amounts of legal stimulants to do so! Not wise!
  2. Depending on how many clients you have you may want to schedule some time to recruiting more. Don’t approach the day with a “see how it goes” attitude and sit on your arse scrolling down facebook. You might want to think about your next promotional offer (season dependant) or give someone a 10 minute show piece on the suspension trainer to gain extra leads. Don’t just be “active” be “productive”.
  3. Do your work at your place of work and relax at home. Don’t get me wrong clients may text you to reschedule etc but get most work completed at work. At the same time I am a big fan of having the weekends off as well. Clients will ask to be trained then but this is entirely up to you. Prevent burnout and schedule rest in!
  4. If you have forgetful clients that sometimes do not turn up at 7am at the gym, it may be a good idea before the end of play to give them a gentle reminder. This will avoid any confusion and annoyance on your behalf! If this happens make the most of your time and mingle with the gym members and get paid for it!


Starting off personal training (like any business) can be challenging at times, but when you have the knowhow it isn’t as tough as you first thought. I saw it as a challenge rather than a threat, planned my days, had different methods of gaining leads and made a note of what was working, got to know everyone in the gym (staff and members), and made sure the sessions I delivered (free trial or paid session) were bloody good and tailored for that client.

If you also want to transform people like other great personal trainers do get in touch with us and get qualified!