Making Those New Year Resolutions Stick

It’s that time of the year again where we decide to make some changes to our current lifestyle to try and get a little healthier. This may be to lose “x” amount of weight, fit into a dress you haven’t worn for a while or even to “detox” your body after throwing a load of junk at it during the Christmas period!

After January a massive 44% of people will drop out of their initial exercise routines! This will be down to a few reasons such as:

-lack of motivation
-lack of exercise know how
-no programme design
-no support network group
-mundane exercise
-not challenging enough
-no results

This happens every single year with some people and it’s a damn shame that people lose interest in being healthy. In my opinion with obesity, diabetes and coronary heart disease on the steady increase year after year it should be on EVERYONE’S agenda to try and be healthier.

Here are our top 5 tips in making your new year resolutions stick all year round.

1. Current level of fitness.

Try not do too much too soon as you may get very tired very quickly! Be honest with yourself and slowly build on your current level of fitness. If you are completely new to exercise try walking in a morning before work, a short 15-20 minute steady state run or even
look for a local exercise group that can support your needs.

2. Changing your food.

Again no drastic changes here! Make small changes to your current diet. Focus on your breakfast for example, if you eat white toast with margarine, try multi-seeded wholemeal toast with 2 eggs on top with butter (yes butter is healthier and good for your heart). If you drink 3-4 soft drinks a day, reduce it to 1-2 a day. If you are really stuck on what is healthy contact a health professional in your local area.

3. Join an exercise group.

There will be lots to choose from in your area. Boot camps, health clubs, personal trainers, pilates, and more. What option you select will depend on your personality. Do some research and go for it! Even drag a friend along with similar goals to you.

4. Vary your exercise.

This is crucial as this keeps you stimulated! Mentally and physically. Boot camps are great for this as are personal trainers. A good class will focus on large muscle groups using different pieces of kit which is great for weight loss if done correctly. Doing the same thing on every will only get you so far. Variety is the key.

5. Why?

This is very important. Ask yourself why you are doing this in the 1st place. Think for a second. Weight loss? Health reasons? Quality if life? Feel sexier? Have this reason clearly on display for you to see every day.


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