The Life of a Personal Trainer

The Life of a Personal Trainer

Running your own business is never easy, otherwise everybody would do it right? Some people have that “mind set” of achieving great things; some aren't fussed and are happy to keep on plodding along with life in their job. I have been to many business seminars where they share their experiences with eager ready to go people who want the dream of working for themselves. However, it does get to a point where you have to jump ship and actually give it a go! I feel people are hesitant as we are scared of the “unknown”. I recommend talking to a successful PT before you consider making that decision.

You do need a plan of action though before you do this! They call it a business plan, a forever evolving document that puts you on the straight and narrow in your new venture. A good training provider will teach you how to produce one. In the past I have made many which have never materialised which are one of the main reasons of doing one in the 1st place to see if your idea is viable. Running a Personal Training business, when done correctly, is fun, challenging and damn right rewarding.

A good training provider will not just teach you the knowledge of the human anatomy but also set you up with a plan of attack in regards to gaining actual business. In my experience this is where the short fall is where some tutors simply do not know how to run a business, but their human anatomy and understanding of training systems is brilliant.


Here is one example of a Personal Trainer’s daily procedure who is very successful in what they do based in Manchester:

-Wake up at 7am, eat, wash, change and out the door.

-9-10am client

-10.30-11.30 client

-12pm Eat

-1-2pm client

-2-3pm Train

-3-4pm Analyse food diaries

-4-5pm Self development and follow up leads

-5pm Eat

-5.30-6.30pm Client

-7pm Consult diary for the following day.

Not every day is the same; I know this guy runs Boot Camps, holds nutritional seminars and home visits for PT as well. One thing I know as well is that he is very organised. This day above had taken a while to master to suit his personal circumstances. I have met other Personal Trainers where their days are all over the place with massive gaps between every client or they have 5-6 back to back and run themselves into the ground!

Helping people overcome their fear of exercise, beat their personal best in a race or even losing a certain amount of weight is a real satisfying feeling! If this sounds like the industry you would like to work in then get in touch with us and get qualified!