Karl Rimmington - Testimonial

I qualified just over 8 months ago on the 1 to 1 mentorship Personal Training course in the North West of England. It was easy to juggle my other commitments as I worked around my days off at my full time job (which I hated). My PT diary is full of work now and I have just currently increased my rates as well.

I can’t compare my PT course with other fitness courses, however, learning face-to-face with a current personal trainer and a qualified teacher made the whole process really organised and enjoyable. The way my tutor made me remember certain parts of the course was impressive – I still remember them now!

Every workshop no matter what we would talk about some kind of business development. We covered a vast array of business topics and the tutor would show me real examples of what we were learning about. For example, we would study a number of mobile apps out there and work out how I could use them for the gym that I was going to work in. It was simple but really effective.

The tutor also shared current and passed business ideas that worked and ideas that didn’t so I wouldn't make the same mistakes. I am constantly learning and developing my business skills even after I qualified, a trait my tutor highly recommended from the start of my course.

If I grasped a concept quickly the tutor would simply progress me straight away. I didn’t realise at the time but they have completed a lot of qualifications and they go beyond the course content if needed – which I really appreciated!

Before I paid a penny the tutor sat me down and basically made sure I was right for this industry, which I found useful and put any doubts in my head to bed. I still keep in regular contact with my tutor and is still sending me really useful information across!

If you want to call the shots and fancy a change of career like I did, seriously, just do it. Here is the 1 to 1 Personal Training course.