How to start a weight loss regime

Losing weight does not have to be difficult. Although everybody does have their own set of circumstances. Whatever you do don’t blame others for your own situation. That’s too easy. You will actually get a load of respect for being seen for making positive changes to your own lifestyle. 

Here are my 5 top tips in starting a new weight loss programme:


1. Find out how to quantify your success.

Find out your initial body weight, body fat %, circumference measurements and how your energy levels are feeling there and then. Get a piece of paper and make these real and keep them in a safe place so you can look back at them. Avoid focusing on your body weight, it only tells you half the story. Measure this weekly. 


2. Make a plan and stick to it!

Get a journal, a diary or a phone diary, anything that you can look at which is easy to access. Write down the exercises that you plan to do. Again make this real, don’t just say, “I’ll start Monday morning” and the alarm goes off and you cannot be bothered. When you make a note of it the chances are it will happen.


3. Remove the temptations.

Yes. Go into your kitchen and simply get rid of all the crap you have that will prevent you from achieving your weight loss goals. If you are serious about this you will do it. If not you will simply be tempted and may go back to your old ways. If you are going to indulge in crap foods and drinks, do it on a special night out with friends or family, not at home as a “way of life”.


4. Are you getting the basics right……? Log it down and see.

Are you drinking enough water? Are you eating vegetables? Are you actually moving your body 10,000 steps per day as the ACSM guidelines state as a bare minimum? Try to minimise on caffeine and soft drinks to get you through your day. Avoid drinking alcohol on a school night to manage your fat storing hormones. What are your portions sizes like? How much processed foods are you consuming? Do you actually cook from fresh or do you make excuses about time constraints? Control your barriers to success.


5. What exercise to do?

Walk, run, cycle, swim, sprint, weight train, body weight train, join an exercise class; get your friend to join in the fun. There are plenty of options. Look at your weekly schedule and pen in your exercise. If you are struggling with time then sacrifices will have to be made. Think this through carefully. What can you truly do without?

Depending on your circumstances, start x2 a week exercising, then x3 and even x4 a week. Build slowly and practice these healthy habits. If you would like to find out how managing your hormones can help with weight loss - click here.