How to lose that belly fat!

Time and time again Personal Trainers are asked on how to reduce the belly fat on people. "What exercises can I work on?" or "What exercise is best?" It is a multi-factorial approach that the concerned individual needs to tackle in order to achieve this. 

Some say "move more and eat less", some put themselves through intermittent fasting, some exercise in a fasted state first thing in the morning, some even watch the television and imitate explosive muscle movements not knowing whether their technique is even correct and some attend calorie counting groups (you know the one’s). The list is vast.


Here are some quick fixes for you to consider when attempting this mind boggling quest!


1. Sleep

Aim to get 7-9 hours of quality sleep per night. This will put you on the straight and narrow when optimising hormonal secretions. When you hit deep sleep (4 hours in) your body likes to produce super amounts of human growth hormone and testosterone. These anabolic junkies have found to help the “fat burning” effect in our bodies and naturally heal any muscle damage along the way. Lack of sleep however, this may not be the case. Although super important in its own right, cortisol the “stress hormone” is also naturally high during deep sleep. When we are tired this is higher than normal through the day and can slow down fat burning properties. So do not work late, go easy on the caffeine, dim the lights and get some serious down time!


2. Small Bursts of Exercise

If you are short on time and cannot stand running the same pace, this may be the option for! There must be enough research papers to recreate the Amazon rain forest on this topic to show it can speed up your metabolism and burn a bit more fat than regular long slow duration activities. You can adapt this in a variety of ways whether it is swimming, running, walking, and the usual suspects of gym equipment. Play to your strengths and try 10-15 minutes of fast-slow intensities raising your heart rate, resting it, and then raising it again. This stimulates something called EPOC. Check it out....


3. Reducing Sugar

This white innocent looking stuff is seriously under the spot light at the minute as more and more top scientists are finding the detrimental effects it is having on our health. Before I forget, I recommend Weston Price’s book on Nutrition and Physical Degeneration on this topic. Yes, I know it tastes good and makes you feel better (for a short while anyway) but it throws your insulin levels all over the place and creates a “fat factory” within us. Insulin helps to pack away any unwanted sugar in the blood stream and into muscle cells first then into our fat cells. This should be a treat rather than a way of living. Check out "Lipogenesis".....


4. Eat Fat

Errrrr excuse me? Yes I am telling you to eat fat. "But it has 9 calories per gram compared to 4 calories per gram of carbohydrate and it clogs my arteries?"  Eating more natural fats (30-40% energy daily input) has actually shown to significantly reduce chronic heart disease and present healthier cholesterol levels when compared to diets that consist of 60% carbohydrate and low fat %. You must however stay away from one type of fat.......Trans Fats, consist of crisps, cheap oils, pastries, margarines, cheap ice creams, and ready meals. Healthy fats (fish, meat, nuts, egg, dairy, green veg and coconut oil etc) work wonders with us and satisfy hunger (more hormonal activity going on here).


"So how does this burn my belly fat genius?" Fat keeps insulin at bay and does not store it as fat. Fat is in a constant state of flux (always moving in and out of our cells). Fat when consumed is passed to your liver and that decides where it is needed, if not needed, you excrete the stuff in the form of poo. Lovely. Trans fatty acids however is not recognised by our bodies (because man/woman created it) and that is stored on those lovely arteries over time. This process is more complex than explained above! So get that high quality steak out of the freezer and get back to our prime mate state of eating!   


5. Water

If you are at this point you must be keen! Drink plenty of this fluid as our cells need lots of water to utilise fat for energy. Drip feed yourself this through the day and stay hydrated. After all even Arnold Schwarzenegger knows that the body is 75-80% water.


Teaching new clients this is a slow process but be consistent and quiz their knowledge and understanding on certain practices so you know the message is getting through.

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