How to look after your clients

Let's get the basics right first!

  • Like in any line of business you must listen to your clients. If you do not listen then how can you know and understand what they really want?
  • Show them plenty empathy. Imagine yourself in their shoes and show that you understand and also that you care about them. I was overweight and used this for finding common ground.
  • You must motivate and believe in them. Have regular mild stone praises ready for them at the end of the sessions, this will make them feel great at the end!
  • Reliability is key in success, be early and always do what you say you are going to do, under promise and over deliver.
  • Consistent in your performance. You must be their idle so make sure they know what to expect from you every time. Avoid those mood swings as to motivate others you need to also be motivated!
  • Get them looking forward to your sessions! Make sure they always leave with a smile and a take home message from you. The start and the end of sessions are vital be professional and shake their hand. Greet them warmly and spend a few minutes listening to them and assessing how they are feeling.
  • Some of the worst trainers out there are making a killing. Why? Because of their personality, combine this with excellent knowledge and BINGO! Keep up to date with the literature and be sure to share this with your client to prevent stagnation. Keep moving forwards, not still.
  • Get to know your client, really well – even make notes in your diary to pick up the conversation where you left it from your last session.
  • Practise what you preach. Is anybody really going to take you serious if you look like a couch potato? Showcase yourself around the gym and be ready for anyone to approach you. Avoid wearing headphones as this is a “leave me alone” signal. Purposely go for eye contact and say hello. Ask them what are they working on and the conversation can develop from there for e.g “have you tried this exercise” and if they do not know what you are talking about, jackpot… show them and give them extra care. Push for that taster session to show them other exercises ensuring you are not interested in payment, you are however interested in the long term.