How to gain more PT clients

3 easy referral techniques that work.

If you try it!

Gaining new clients seems to be one of many personal trainers pains these days. PT's stood hanging around the gym floor simply does not cut it in regards to gaining new leads and then converting them into paying clients. Try these 3 very easy techniques to gain new leads and possible clients:

Referral Fee

1. Ask your current client base a straight up referral fee for sending you any new clients. Set a time frame to create urgency and make the money cash. How much is up to you. If a new client buys into 10 sessions £300 for eg offer them £50 cash. 


Charity Event

2. Organise a "charity boot camp". Find the influencer in your gym/local area and get them to choose a charity close to their heart. Ask people to attend the boot camp for £2-3 per head and get them to bring every man and his dog! Even try contact your local paper to advertise it for free. Give a small speech saying thank you at the end and tell them where to find you (give out flyers etc). Even through a curve ball out there and say you are giving away 2 free PT sessions to two different people (get there details). 


Gift Vouchers

3. When one of your clients smashes a goal, give them something physical like a PT gift card for £100 for PT sessions. Make sure that someone has similar goals to the person that just nailed theirs!

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