Gut Bacteria - Its More Important Than We Think

If its one thing we do not talk about enough with our personal training clients its our gut bacteria (GB). A lot of the time the conversations with our clients can be about weight loss and improving the “tones” of our bodies.

This GB is super important as it can affect our immune systems, whether we absorb certain nutrients for health, affect how hungry we are and some recent research suggests it may help with the reduction of body fat in the long run. 

The majority of our GB are stored in our large intestine where it is exposed to the food that we eat. Our GB plays an important role in helping to reduce inflammation within our bodies as well (something else we ignore as practitioners).

Inflammation will kick off a fuss when the body is fighting against some kind of infection. This doesn’t always have to be a cold or a rash on your skin. It can be when we consume too much processed foods. Our blood vessels take a good hammering as well with inflammation leading to heart disease. Alcohol, smoking, transformed fatty acids (bad fat), and processed sugars reduce our GB levels. 

Antioxidants will help reduce our levels of inflammation and below you can see some examples of these.

So you’ve heard of pro-biotics and pre-biotics no doubt and this is what will aid our GB levels within our guts! Also, a really good tip is to top up on these after a course of antibiotics (as they basically kill everything in its path!)


So here are some foods and drinks to get stuck into:

Fermented foods such as  yogurt, kombucha (awesome drink), kefir and sauerkraut. These contain bacteria like lactobacilli and can reduce other disease-causing bacteria in the intestines.

Polyphenol-rich foods such as dark chocolate, green tea and red wine. The polyphenols in these foods can’t be digested alone but are broken down by good GB, promoting the growth of good bacteria again.

Nuts and seeds contain a lot of fiber and healthy fats, which help the growth of healthy bacteria in the gut.

Vegetables. Eating an array of plant-based foods can boost our gut bacteria diversity, which is associated to a healthy weight as well.


Nutrition plays a big role (probably the biggest) in determining how healthy we actually are. Something we study as personal trainers. There are lots of diseases that are linked to poor nutrition and the more we get our heads around it the sooner we can start to live longer healthier lifestyles disease free.


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