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Hopefully you are reading this with a steady business already and that you are now looking for growth within your business. If you are looking to start a new business you may want to start here instead. If you have clients but would like more click here.

So things are ticking along just fine with quite a bit of spare cash tucked away for a rainy day. However, you feel you can do more now that you have achieved what you set out to do.

Many course providers give really basic information out to their students when starting out on a new venture as a PT such as, “get some business cards”, “leaflet drop” or “put an advert in the paper”. This is old school, like prehistoric old school. Technology has moved on and so has business.

Below we cover 4 topics for you to work on to grow your business.


Delegate the work – build a team.

As a personal trainer you start out on your lonesome, just little old you and the big bad world. Other professionals start the same, look at electricians or joiners, they start alone and actually start to take on apprentices and delegate the work out. Yes, they pay these people but they are still making more money compared to when they were on their own right?


Organic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

A hot topic at the moment with new start-ups and existing businesses. An absolute must. 

It is exactly what it sounds like, boosting your presence on search engines such as google so people can find you easier. The power is in the buyers hands now! If you are struggling with time pay someone to do this, however, do your research so they are actually good at it – don’t waste your money.

Linking your website with good other websites, writing great blogs, finding out popular search phrases on google adwords are some of the ways of boosting your chances of climbing the ladder on search engines.


Target Other Markets.

So you have saturated your time and efforts personal training clients, great! Look at other avenues to boost your income. For example;

  • Train up to become a massage therapist.
  • Hold seminars online or in a venue for people in a specialist area.
  • Start a new class like Pilates or Yoga – diversify.


Use the Internet.

Make training more accessible for people online. Granted, most people require that 1-2-1 tuition in the gym so they don’t actually cause more harm than good to themselves.

You can add all sorts to your website to help clients;

  • Exercise videos
  • Pre-recorded material
  • Live webinars to large audiences
  • ebooks

This also spreads your geographical location away from just the town that you live in. Start to build your own website (again pay someone to do it) and start offering your services in a specialist area.

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Take Care

Garth - Managing Director