This exercise will make you powerful

The Snatch!

The snatch allows you to develop power, agility, strength, balance, coordination and flexibility. Everything an aspiring sports person could dream of! This explosive movement when perfected correctly in its triple extension fashion can really make a massive difference in one’s sporting performance.

Power is an extremely important feature of muscular performance and is measured in watts. It has become popular to everyone in sports today that this muscular “power” is as important if not more so than strength alone.

So why does this movement make us so damn powerful?

Power and explosive force production, is the product of high neural activity (motor unit activation and synchronization) and anaerobic metabolism. This is the result of the Phospho-Creatine (PCr), and glycolytic energy pathway ATP synthesis. Everything you will learn on our L3 Personal Training course.

These are energy systems, and will work intermittently along with periods of oxidative recovery, to power the maximal forces that occur during competition. Typically the first 0-10 seconds of 100% max effort is powered by this PCr system.

Sport-specific training must fuel you’re body, and you should train your energy systems to the work: rest demands of your chosen sport. Too many coaches are completely unaware of such protocols that have been around for over 100 years.

Other factors such as rate of coding, the stretch shortening cycle, the all or nothing law, and muscle fibre type composition play a vital role in developing one’s power output.

Here is a great video on how to perform the snatch. For our PT course information click here.