Breakfast Tips

Many experts in the health and fitness industry have their different views points on whether breakfast is a good or bad idea. If you were to ask myself I would state that it all depends on what your breakfast consists of. If I saw a food diary that had a lot of processed sugary carbohydrates every morning of the week I would rather they didn’t eat anything! For example: a bowl of cereal with skimmed milk followed by a glass concentrated orange juice. This will send your blood sugar levels far too high to what we are actually used too. This in short will leave you feeling hungry in no time at all by mid-morning due to some key hormonal responces. Feeling shaky, irritable, hungry and having a poor concentration are common signs of this type of breakfast. The tips below are useful for reducing your body fat % and looking for a trimmer body!


Here are my 5 top tips in gaining optimal nutrition and weight managment!

1. Preparation - If you shop 2-3 times per week your food will be fresh and plentiful. Waking up 5-10 minutes earlier than usual will give you ample time to prepare and cook some good quality top nosh. If this is an absolute no-no, then prepare and cook the night before. There is nothing wrong with being organised.

2. Avoid processed carbohydrates – This includes ALL breakfast cereals. These are quick and easy to make and also quick and easy to gain extra fat poundage on that belly and hips. Focus on including fat, protein and carbohydrates in that meal not just high % of carbohydrate! Bacon and eggs then natural yogurt (not together) for example will give you excellent nutrition and will keep hunger at bay. This example obtains all 3 macronutrients, and remember we require 30% fat on a daily basis from natural sources which also includes saturated fat (fantastic brain food)!

3. Avoid fruit juices – I agree they taste great on the taste buds but they are causing carnage on your insides! Unfortunately they have practically no fibre which means we can digest this stuff rapidly, again sending sugar levels through the roof! Try eating a piece of fruit after your main meal as it has the natural fibre and slows digestion and controls blood sugar much more effectively. The sugar fructose is one of the fastest releasing sugar known to man without fibre. 

4. Water – 75-80% of our bodies is made up of this precious liquid. When we wake we are typically 2% dehydrated which is a lot. Simply drink 250ml of this nectar so your cells absorb it and help to burn fat for energy much more effectively. Always carry a bottle around so you can drip feed yourself throughout the day. It has also shown that it's the main cause of midday fatigue. 

5. Natural – with all of my nutrition blogs I will always go back to basics and ask the question: has it come from mother nature? If not I lose interest very quickly in whether it is "healthy" or not. More and more scientists are revealing food manufacturing techniques and are exposing the effects it has on our health. Research is constantly being churned out finding that the further we move away from natural sources of food the more problems we invite into our livelihood. 


Here are a few examples of some nutrient rich breakfasts (I typically have a piece of fruit after one of these meals):

-Organic oats (in water), crushed nuts and/or seeds on top, dash of raw milk.

-Scrambled egg cooked in butter, dash of raw milk, herbs, natural sea salt and pepper. Try adding an avocado.

-2 sausages, 2 bacon rashers (all from the butchers of course) with mushrooms and tomatoes.

-Natural yogurt mixed with flax seeds.

-Melon and ham


I would recommend anyone to read the book by Weston Price called "Nutrition and Physical Degeneration". Price is regarded as the pioneer of the nutrition world and his work must be noted. 

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