4 Ways to Help You Avoid Junk Food

According to some recent studies, junk food can be addictive. Published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the study showed that chomping on all things bad for you can actually trigger the urge to eat more of this stuff. The studies go on to claim that highly calorific fast food overrides our brain and high jacks our reward system with the feel-good chemical, something we call dopamine.

One study, which was conducted on rodents, did show that when insulin (hormone) was injected into the “reward centre” of their brain, a drop in appetite was recorded. Scientists believe it may also apply to humans and could lead to a new way of combating the obesity epidemic.


Dark and Green Leafy Stuff

If you’ve been to Chocoholics Anonymous you may be magnesium deficient. Combat your Mars Bar addiction by upping your dosage of dark leafy greens. Wilt down some spinach, serve it with your next lunch and make saying "no" to a chocolate covered dessert easy.


Move Your Body

One study from the University of Exeter discovered a 15-minute walk is enough to stop cravings for sugary foods by around 50%. Take a walk around the block before heading straight to the treats cupboard, will power restored. If you are not hungry enough to eat an apple, you are probably just bored, not hungry. 



As a nation we don’t get near to the recommended water intake per person. Tea and coffee are usually the people’s choice! When dehydrated the body sends signals to the brain to seek out whatever it can muster to gain some extra fluid. Be sure to drink at least 250ml of water at every meal time! Sipping it through the day will also work wonders. 


Rest Up

You may be run down, sleep deprived, stressed of even all 3 of these! Some of us are described as “emotional eaters”. When feeling down in the dumps, dopamine (a kick ass chemical that makes you feel great) is pretty low. When fast releasing carbohydrates are consumed it sky rockets through the roof! This can be a viscous cycle if not recognised! Be careful. Exercise can also stimulate this stuff.  

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