About the Personal Training Group

We opened our doors to students in 2012 and have never looked back! Our mission is to produce and continually develop Personal Trainers in the UK. We have recruited tutors/mentors with top qualifications so that our graduates can really benefit from it. 

Starting a new business can be tough but with our help and support we will guide you on your way to success. We still keep in touch with our very 1st students and love hearing how well they are doing! 

We have taken what we have learnt from undergoing the training process ourselves, and from being a tutor for a number of years, and put this towards designing a service that means studying with The Personal Training Group will not only help you pass the necessary ‘tests’, but will also give you the skills, knowledge and experience you need to succeed and thrive in your new career.

This site details the various courses and study options available to you. I’m sure you’ll find an option that suits your circumstances perfectly and offers you a convenient route to the exciting new career that awaits you.